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Why Choose Heart'N Soul Hospice Services?

Sometimes providers are reluctant to make a referral to hospice. Reasons for this hesitation include confusion about hospice benefits, being wary of discussing death, and even personal feelings regarding changing the course of care. In such instances, we encourage providers to ask themselves, “Would I be surprised if the patient died within the next 6 months?” If the answer is “No,” then the patient is appropriate for hospice care. Studies show that patients referred to hospice earlier may actually live longer, but physicians remain confused about when to refer. Clinicians might consider looking at a patient's trajectory of decline and ask, “What interventions can be made that will extend both the patient’s quantity and quality of life beyond six months?” If the answer is NOTHING because there are no such treatments, the patient should be evaluated for hospice eligibility.

Here at Heart’n Soul Hospice, our skilled clinical team including nurses, social workers, administrators, and spiritual care coordinators/chaplains are able to speak with knowledge and compassion to your patient about hospice services. With over 100 years of collective hospice experience in multiple settings, we are able to have the necessary conversations with your patient and their family, to remove the misconceptions of whom hospice helps, end the stigmas about end-of-life care, and help determine if hospice is appropriate at this time. We encourage patients and caregivers to remove any guilt from their choice, knowing they are making the best decision for the one they love.

About the E-Referral Form

At Heart’n Soul Hospice, we know it can be difficult to determine the right time for hospice care for your patients or loved ones. Because of the amazing benefits for every family member involved, even for the caregivers, we often hear patients and their families say about getting on board...

“I wish we would have done this sooner”...

Referring to us, as soon as possible after a terminal diagnosis, can significantly increase the effectiveness of hospice care because it gives the care team ample time to address our patient’s physical needs, as well as the emotional and spiritual needs of our clients and their loved ones. In order to service your patient, Providers should share the patient’s medical information (last visit notes, labs, scans, etc.), billing information, such as Medicare/Medicaid number, SSN, private Insurance numbers, and the patient’s contact number.

After the initial referral is made, a Heart’n Soul Hospice team member will meet with the patient and their loved ones to discuss available programs and services, and answer questions that they may have regarding hospice services. With the patient’s consent, and once the patient’s physician and our medical director determine that hospice is appropriate, our nurse will then assess the patient’s needs and create a care plan customized to meet those needs. We work closely with their physician, to ensure effective communication and a smoother transition to hospice, that maintains continuity of care for our patients.

Our goal is to make the referral process as easy as possible and have more efficient admissions for our patients and their families, as well as for our referral sources.

There are several ways to refer your patient to Heart’n Soul Hospice. You can quickly and securely refer your patients by phone or email, or fill out the information below to make a referral online. Referrals can also be called into the Nashville, Tennessee office at (615) 835-3822, or faxed to (615) 835-3923. Referrals can be called into the Seattle, Washington location at (206) 659-9998, or faxed to (425) 572-6639.

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Michael A. Walker
As a result of exposure to hospice care through Heart’n Soul Hospice, I’ve developed an interest in hospice and palliative care as a potential career option. I was recently accepted to the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine’s (AAHPM) Next Gen Scholars Program as one of 8 scholars comprising medical residents, fellows, and post-graduate students across the country. I’ll link more information to what the program entails below, but I am yet grateful for the opportunities and exposure I am gaining through Heart’n Soul Hospice that I believe is orchestrating my future endeavors and career path.