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Get Hugs for a Living.

“It has been my honor and pleasure to spend the last 15-plus years of my professional career in hospice. When I am asked what type of work I do, my response is, ‘I get HUGS for a living.’ I cannot imagine doing anything else, and I feel blessed to have found my way to the rewarding satisfaction of my end-of-life industry involvement. Daily, I seek to do my part to make our hospice services, in Nashville and Seattle, look more like America - a widely diverse melting pot, filled with people of every size, shape, color, and form.” David Turner, Co-Founder and CEO

At Heart’n Soul Hospice we frequently discuss our missions, within the greater mission, which are to intentionally focus our efforts to ensure that everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status has information and access to high-quality, compassionate care when facing a life-limiting illness. We are seeking qualified individuals to partner with us at Heart’n Soul Hospice who embrace our mission and will allow us to introduce the idea of a career in hospice, even if they may not have considered it previously.

Current Available Positions:

Michael A. Walker
As a result of exposure to hospice care through Heart’n Soul Hospice, I’ve developed an interest in hospice and palliative care as a potential career option. I was recently accepted to the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine’s (AAHPM) Next Gen Scholars Program as one of 8 scholars comprising medical residents, fellows, and post-graduate students across the country. I’ll link more information to what the program entails below, but I am yet grateful for the opportunities and exposure I am gaining through Heart’n Soul Hospice that I believe is orchestrating my future endeavors and career path.