Celebration of Life

Honoring The Journey

Cherishing the Legacy

At Heart’n Soul Hospice, we start as strangers with our patients and then become family. We accomplish that by appreciating and celebrating the journey that our families, caregivers, and their loved ones are on while they are in our care. Our Spiritual Care Coordinator and co-founder, Sandy, shares that his role is one of “being in the present'' with our patients. He joyfully embraces how they are living their life now, enjoying birthdays and anniversaries, embracing special times with their neighbors, church groups, family, children, and grandchildren. Even in hospice care, there is much to rejoice over, and our team of staff, nurses, and volunteers step in to be a significant part of your family at those meaningful times and events. We walk with you all the way through to the end, by gathering along with you as one big family, to sing, pray, comfort, and even grieve as you choose.


A valuable function of our spiritual care team members and chaplains is to offer support for the emotional challenges that patients and their caregivers face with end of life decisions and to help each person make hard choices, process the difficult journey they are on and talk through their guilt, fears, or grief. Their involvement often overflows into helping families plan celebrations of life, funerals, or memorial services, even offering the use of their own places of worship for these special times of remembrance. Often they will even write eulogies, officiate services, or attend funerals at the family’s request. Our compassionate spiritual-care team is grateful for the opportunities they have to show love and kindness with everyone, including those who are traditionally not cared for, which seamlessly flows out of the fundamental purpose of Heart’n Soul Hospice.

Not only are caregivers and family compassionately supported throughout the entire end-of-life passage, but you are not forgotten by our Heart’n Soul Hospice team. We take our participation seriously after your loved one has passed on, by providing 13 months of bereavement service, through grief support, birthday cards, and calls, to provide compassion and comfort with a listening ear. The highlight for many of our families is our One-Year Candlelight Memorial Service, after their loved one’s passing, to honor their memory with words of comfort, and remembrances of the loved one whose family is present. Heart’n Soul Hospice will always be like family for those we care for.

Debbie Graf

Thank you all for your kindness, care and compassion for Tom and for me! I am so grateful that Tom finally found peace when he passed. Heart’n Soul helped provide that special care for my husband.

Again, thank you everyone.