Embracing the celebration of a life well lived.
Respecting the unfamiliar through compassionate and kindHEARTed hospice care.

Heart'n Soul Hospice Care

Imagine being part of a diverse, inclusive community where each individual’s colorful voice is heard, where every journey is honored and embraced, and where no corner goes untouched by kindHEARTedness and dignity for all people of every race and economic status.


Welcome to the Heart’n Soul Hospice Difference, where our friendly and skilled team members become a memorable part of your family as we compassionately care for your loved one. When we walk in your door, our caregivers bring familiar encouragement that embraces our fundamental commitment to appropriate, personalized attention and unwavering, warm support that each unique, end-of-life journey requires. We compare the care of Heart’n Soul Hospice to being wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket, ensuring you will not face the challenges of this pathway alone.

We consider it our greatest joy to help each family celebrate the accomplishments, memories, and special events of their cherished loved one’s life, while our highly skilled professionals and volunteers work to ease the burdens through medical care, reassuring support, and genuine listening. We create an atmosphere that encourages our patients to share their life stories and cherish meaningful moments, surrounded by their family and friends. It is our highest privilege to serve every neighborhood and each corner of our varied communities with HEARTfelt empathy, leaving a lasting impact. Choosing Heart’n Soul Hospice care ensures that each person, in the communities we serve, feels valued, heard, and generously supported during this very vulnerable, unfamiliar, end-of-life journey.

At Heart’n Soul Hospice we take our services to a level of care that sets us apart from the rest. We know that a smile and a hug go a long way, and we don’t take your trust lightly. Our vital role is to maintain the highest level of reliable integrity, with a trustworthy understanding of the unique needs of each person. We are deeply committed to caring for your loved one and caregivers with ultimate compassion and personal empathy, allowing you the freedom to create a lasting legacy of love and moments of celebration to last a lifetime.

About Us

Your Team

We are a unified family of skilled professionals committed to supporting you or your loved one with the utmost dignity and care. Our warmHEARTed, competent team includes compassionate physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual care coordinators, and volunteers, all here to serve you with exceptional attention to detail.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate end-of-life care, grief support, and education to our patients, their families, and our neighboring communities. Our purpose is to ensure that appropriate end-of-life healthcare is available to ALL members of the diverse communities we serve and to actively engage with those who are traditionally underserved.

Our Compassion

Our patients & their families are our passion and purpose, and we believe that no one, regardless of illness, age, or ability to pay, has to die alone or in pain in their time of need. In addition to hospice services, we offer comforting grief support to anyone experiencing the death of a beloved loved one.


What is Hospice?

Hospice is defined as ”a program designed to provide compassionate caregiving and emotional support to the terminally ill in a home or home-like setting, so that their quality of life is maintained, and family members may be active participants in their loved one’s care.” We couldn’t agree more. Quality of life is an integral part of our focus here at Heart’n Soul Hospice. We strive to seamlessly continue the habits, schedules, and desires of our patients and their caregivers, as we partner with a gentle touch. We affirm that medical care is of the utmost necessity during hospice care, which we provide, backed by years of experience and specialized knowledge. We also validate the need to create a safe, nurturing environment that fosters the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of our diverse population in every community, and their loved ones.

We firmly believe that choosing Heart’n Soul Hospice is a win-win situation for everyone. Whereas most patients experience comfort, dignity and ultimately a well-supported death under hospice services, it sometimes happens that a patient gets better with quality end-of-life care. In that case, the patient would discharge from hospice to the appropriate type of care needed, with the ability to re-enroll should they qualify again.

Questions & Answers


  • Patient is diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • Patient’s life expectancy is limited to six months
  • Patient turns away or is not eligible for aggressive care with terminal illness
  • Patient and family chose comfort care


We desire to treat patients in their homes surrounded by familiar people and things. When this option is not possible, our patients may be treated wherever they live - in an assisted living center, a personal care home, or in a skilled nursing care facility in the communities that our locations cover. Sometimes, if a patient’s symptoms cannot be managed at home, they may qualify for a short-term hospice hospital stay.


Referrals to Heart'n Soul Hospice should be made as early as possible. Early admission to our hospice care services provides the patient, family, and caregivers more unrushed time to work through grief, personal arrangements, and palliative care. With more time, patients receive more care.


At Heart’n Soul Hospice, our ability to meet genuine needs demonstrates that our business is not, nor has it ever been about money. It is truly about the PEOPLE we reach with compassionate care, as the HEART and SOUL of hospice.

honoring life's journey with
Heartfelt Compassion